Fora Dictionary Pro

Fora Dictionary Pro 22.2

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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Fora Dictionary Pro is an offline dictionary lookup application.

Fora Dictionary Pro is an offline dictionary lookup application.

Fora Dictionary Pro is an offline dictionary lookup application. It allows StarDict, XDXF, DSL, DICTD, and TSV/Plain format dictionaries accessed off-line, quickly, and easily.


• Suggestions as you type

• Import/Export from File Sharing (shared folder), internet URL, or peer app running on another device/computer

• Diacritics-free, punctuation-free, and in-headword matching

• Phonetic, wildcard, fuzzy, full-text search

• Popup translations (all words clickable)

• Morphology/Affixes support using Hunspell dictionaries

• Dictionary management (profiles/grouping, ordering, etc.)

• Session and persistent history

• Bookmarking (favourites)

• English (American) pronunciation/Text-to-Speech

• Results export (save to file)

• Random word picker

• Clipboard lookups

• Night theme

Additional Features:

• Text Viewer

Combines dictionary lookups with a basic text viewing application. It can be used to read eBooks in plain-text/UTF-8 format or to read/translate text such as news.

• Text Indexer

“Import Text” option creates dictionaries from arbitrary text that could be extracted from any document, including office documents.

• Vocabulary Exerciser

Picks random words from dictionaries or history and asks you guess it.

• Desktop Companion

The app also works on desktop computers. The desktop version can be used to set up dictionaries on a computer and then synchronise with the mobile version using a common wi-fi connection. It’s completely optional and distributed as freeware.

A few English dictionaries (WordNet, Moby, FOLDOC, etc.) and several bilingual dictionaries are available as downloads within the app. You can find many useful dictionaries on the internet free of charge.



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